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Hide Running Programs

Hide Any Window is hide windows software that allows you to protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from prying eyes in seconds - you can instantly hide windows and running programs from the desktop and system tray, mute sound, it is very useful when playing games or watching a movie, restore the original screen resolution and even automatically show the programs you are supposed to wotk with. This hide open windows software will completely hide running programs and open windows so they are not visible neither on the desktop nor in the Taskbar, system tray and the task manager.

Hide Any Window supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, 2008, Windows XP, 2003, 2000, ME, 98

Hide Open Windows

Hide Any Window helps you escape clutter on your desktop - you can select to close or minimize windows and programs, hide programs automatically whenever they are started, so nobody knows you are using these programs and windows at all.

Key features:
You can easily hide open windows, running programs and games

Automatically show windows and programs you are supposed to work with

Hide windows and running applications from the desktop, hide running programs from Taskbar and Task Manager

Hide programs' icons - aka tray icons from the system tray

Hide windows and programs automatically whenever they are opened or started

Simply restore hidden windows by hotkey (boss key)

Minimize all windows by hotkey - hide windows minimize option

Close browsers by hotkey (bosskey)

Customizable hotkey combinations

Mute sound in hidden applications

'Start with Windows' option

How to hide programs that are running

Using hide any window software you can easily hide running programs in seconds so nobody knows what you have done on your computer but in some situations it is not enough. With hide windows software you can easily select to automatically show programs or windows you are supposed to work with when you hide programs and windows you want to keep in secret. The only one thing you should do is to add necessary windows and programs to the 'Show list' and they will popup automatically when you hide unwanted windows and programs

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