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Hide programs from the taskbar

Top reasons to hide programs and windows from the taskbar

Hide programs software is a simple solution if you don't want others to see what you are doing in your browsers, what programs and applications you are running and you need quickly hide one or several windows, applications or programs. But even if you hide running programs, applications and windows from the desktop they are still running. So they are still visible in the Taskbar.

So, to prevent others from seeing your computer activities, you may need special tools that not only hide programs or windows and minimize them on the Takbar, but also hide them from the Taskbar and Task Manager.

No matter how many programs or windows you have on your desktop, with hide programs software you can quickly hide programs to protect your desktop and taskbar from prying eyes.

How to hide programs from the taskbar

To hide programs from the desktop and taskbar, add them to the hide programs list and press the configurable hot key.

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